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Healthy Microwaveable
Kid's Meals

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Wholesome Meal Bundles for Kids

Joey's wholesome meal bundles introduce children to an exciting fun world of food full of variety, flavours & textures - all whilst developing positive eating habits for life!


Our heathy kids ready meals come in two portion sizes (depending on your child's appetite). For little ones, we recommend the mini bites (150g), whilst older toddlers will love our monster bites (200g).

Either select the size of box you'd like & we'll fill it full of meals that meet your requirements or create your own bundle by picking the specific meals & sizes you'd like.

Bundle Boxes

Choose your pre-made children's meal bundle from the options below. Our pre-made bundle boxes are filled with a selection of delicious children's meals - all hand-picked by our in-house team!


    Pick Your Own Meals

    Joey's Family Food has a wide selection of healthy ready meals for kids available to order online. Every meal is packed with nutrients and vitamins - all carefully prepared by our fantastic chef team, Libby and Owen!

    We have meals to suit every little one's requirement, including children's vegetarian meals, vegan meals, pescatarian meals, omnivore meals and even gluten-free meals for kids! Our healthy children's ready meals are made to order in-house and then are blast frozen prior to shipping to ensure freshness! 

      Healthy Kids Meals for Busy Parents

      Ordering healthy meal bundles for children online offers numerous benefits! Our kids meal bundles save valuable time for busy parents as they eliminate the need for meal planning, grocery shopping and cooking from scratch - which we understand can be a challenge with little ones!

      Our meal bundles cater to specific dietary preferences and portion sizes, making it super easy to meet your children's needs! Our children's meals are always created using the highest-quality, freshest seasonal ingredients available, ensuring that your little one always a receives nutritionally beneficial meal.

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