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From bottle to solids

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The first 2 months of weaning (usually between the ages of 6 - 8 months) are when your baby is open to exploring all sorts of tastes and textures. Their taste buds are a lot more sensitive than an adult’s, so now is the time to give them the breadth of foods to try out!

When you and your child are ready to move onto bigger pieces and a full meal, the exploration should continue. It's important to keep up the variety of different flavours and textures, securing those healthy eating habits. You will find there will be good days and bad day's, do not fret, it's part of the journey, and important to remember this. Try to avoid pressure on your child, keeping it fun and enjoyable (sometimes easier said, we know!). If you're really concerned, don't hesitate to contact us, we'll happily share any advice we can offer.

Our weaning products & wholesome meals are aimed to introduce children to an exciting fun world of food full of variety, flavours and textures whilst promoting a healthy happy relationship with food, developing positive eating habits for life. Being parents ourselves we know how challenging it can be!

Microwaveable Meals for Toddlers

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"Joey's meals are handmade in my kitchen in Antelope Walk, Dorchester. No salt or additives are used in our meals and we avoid ultra processed ingredients. We only use meat & fish that meet high animal welfare standards, & we support local producers where possible. When sweetness is required, we use natural whole fruits, such as dates & figs, or opt for low fructose natural sugars in some of our baked goods, but only when this is necessary."

- Libby

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