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Fish Pie

Fish Pie


A favourite for many of our little eaters at Bumble Bees Nursery. Our creamy fish pie base has added veggies - peas and sweetcorn. It is then topped with a mash, blended with greens to provide a complete and wholesome meal for your child.

  • Ingredients

    Milk, Potato, Cod (Fish, 7%), Pollocck (Fish, 7%), Salmon (Fish, 6%), Haddock (Fish, 6%), Broccoli, Onion, Petit Pois, Sweetcorn, Olive oil, Cornflour, Spinach, Parsley

  • Cooking Instructions

    Cook from frozen. Pierce film several times & place on a microwavable dish. For rice dishes add a tablespoon of water. See cooking times below. Leave to cool slightly before removing from the microwave. Do not re-heat.


    Mini Bites - heat on full power for 3 minutes.

    Monster Bites - heat on full power for 4 minutes.

  • Caution

    When removing the film - hot steam may be released, please take care.


    We do our very best to remove them but some bones may still be hiding.

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