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Our Story

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I am Libby, Mum of 4, lover of food, from growing it, to cooking & eating it. Joey's became a spark when weaning Tilly, my eldest. Disheartened by the support and product offering, I felt something must be done to provide children with wholesome nutritious food, full of flavour and variety. 


Today, Joey’s is a small family run business, and we are proudly operating in beautiful Dorset. 

All our products are handmade by my husband and I! Since the age of 16 I've always chosen to work with food & have taken jobs across many areas of the food industry; from catering and hospitality, farming and manufacturing & most recently, retail, where I became a Food Product Developer at Sainsbury's. After 6 incredibly inspiring years there, I left to begin my proudest job, Motherhood. 


Every baby should be given the opportunity to eat well from the start in our opinion. So we're on a mission to make that happen, whether you can afford it or not. 

Joey’s products have been developed specifically for the early stages of your baby’s journey into solid food. From a range of purées, textured mashes, soft foods, solid foods & onto wholesome meals. They are cooked fresh with seasonal ingredients & then blast frozen to hold onto as many nutrients as possible. Our children's meals have no added salt, additives & I only use natural sugars to sweeten our desserts when absolutely needed. 

We very much hope you can join Joey's for a tasty adventure, & help us make healthy food for little ones accessible to all.

Libby & family 

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"I've used Joey's weaning products at home & my daughter has Joey's meals at nursery. It's such a relief to have nutritious, exciting & tasty food easily available, & to feel confident that my daughter is getting a good lunch which I don't have to prepare each morning. The range of meals is brilliant, it has encouraged my daughter to try new flavours & textures. It takes the pressure off when you have a busy day, knowing a good healthy meal is taken care of."

Freya —  Poundbury

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